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Don't Worry, You're in Good Company.

                Often, Alaskans can find themselves, through no fault of their own, over their head in debt.  They fear that they may have their vehicle repossessed, kicked out of their house, or generally have the life they are trying desperately to put together torn asunder.  It is a nerve-racking, depressing, and leaves one wondering, “Is there any way out.”  Luckily bankruptcy, as provided by the Federal Government, can provide a good option for many Alaskans in debt.  Life-destroying debt can happen to anyone.  Robert Morris provides an understandable figure for this adversity.  Robert Morris was a signatory of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  He helped to finance the American Revolution and was a personal friend of George Washington.  During Washington’s administration, however, this Founding Father fell into debt so badly that he was thrown into debtors’ prison.  Washington saw how his beloved friend was floundering and, as President, created bankruptcy as an option to personally help Robert Morris.  Today, because of Washington’s legislation, many Americans can have a second financial chance.  Despite the story of Robert Morris, bankruptcy is an extremely complicated legal apparatus that is all but impossible for the average Alaskan to use.  I offer my services as an attorney to provide help for those on the Kenai Peninsula struggling financially by filing bankruptcies.  I am also one of the few who do practice Bankruptcy in this region.  If you are struggling financially in this locality where the cost of living is very high, bankruptcy may be an option for you.  I serve Kenai, Soldotna, Seward and Homer.  I offer a free first consultations to personally discuss your financial tribulation with you that a bankruptcy attorney in Anchorage will simply not be able to do.  Give me a call at (907)-690-4624.


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