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Restraining Order

            Domestic violence is one of the most prolific epidemics destroying the lives of Alaskans every day-more so than any other state.  The trauma of this menace can last a lifetime and put you in danger of imminent bodily harm.  If you have been a victim of domestic violence get help immediately from emergency services.  After you have a spare moment to sit down and think about what you can do to protect yourself, consider getting a restraining order or what is also called a domestic violence protective order in Alaska.  I have experience and worked with clients in my career to get them the protection they need from the court.  Give me a call at (907)-690-4624 to get the protection you need at an affordable price.  Do not wait to stop the abuse.

            Restraining orders, also known as domestic violence protective orders, can also be used as a weapon against the falsely accused.  If someone has filed a false retraining order against you, you could be facing dire consequences.  This includes having your house and belongings dispossessed from you or being arrested simply for unwittingly being in the same location as your accuser.  You do not want to face this situation without an attorney.  If you hire my legal representation to defend you in this matter, I will use all my legal experience to debunk these false claims made against you and protect your property and liberty at an affordable price.  If you have had a false restraining order filed against you give me a call or text at (907)-690-4624.

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