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Let   me   evict your deadbeat  tenants for less than  you would have collected in   one  month's rent!!!


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           Being a landlord and managing rental properties can be a very difficult job.  You must ensure that all the appliances in your rental properties are functioning properly and that rents are being collected in a timely manner.  This job can become a nightmare when you have a tenant who is either not paying their rent or violating the lease in a way that disrupts you and your business and other tenants.  Eviction may become your only avenue to solving these problems.  In Alaska, eviction is a complicated legal action that requires the help of an attorney to ensure that everything is handled in a way so that the tenant is evicted legally and you are not held liable, yourself, in the process.  Unfortunately, it can cost more than entire months' rent in Alaska just to evict a deadbeat tenant from whom you should have been collecting that money instead!

           Let me provide you legal representation in your eviction that will cost you far less than an entire month's rent.  Whether you are an experienced property manager who manages many units or a homeowner renting out a single house, hire me to evict your violating tenant affordably and quickly.  Give me a call or text at (907)-690-4624.

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