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Homer is the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World, but more importantly to an attorney like myself, home to a courthouse on the Kenai Peninsula Borough.  While the tourists who visit Homer may see fishing charters and touristy gift shops, the residents who live fulltime in Homer may see divorces, evictions, child custody modifications, and probates.  While the courthouse in Homer is relatively drab compared to all the beautiful scenery that surrounds it, the building at 3670 Lake Street might be the most imposing structure a restraining order litigant in Homer may see.  While Homer does not contain the flagship courthouse of the Kenai Peninsula, numerous legal proceedings still occur in Homer.  It is for this reason that I extend my offer for legal services to Homer, Alaska.  While I do not live in Homer, I personally love to visit during the summer.  I love to stroll up and down the Spit with my wife and enjoy all the gift shops and mountain scenery.  My favorite site in the entire town is the Wynn Nature Center where I have been able to actually learn the names of the plants that I see in my front yard every day.  My favorite restaurant in Homer is Cups.  I usually visit several times a summer to enjoy everything Homer has to offer even if I am not visiting the courthouse.  Most people see Homer as the most beautiful and idyllic town in Alaska.  Like any town, however, life goes on and legal proceedings still happen, especially to those who do not leave Homer when the summer ends.  I am more than happy to represent clients in Homer and drive to the Homer courthouse for legal proceedings.  Just because you don’t happen to live in Kenai or Soldotna, don’t hesitate to pick up the telephone in Homer and give me a call at (907)-690-4624 for affordable legal services.

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