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            Kenai is home to the flagship courthouse of the Kenai Peninsula Borough located at 125 Trading Bay Road.  As such, it is where a vast majority of law is practiced on the Kenai Peninsula.  I have lived and worked as a lawyer in Kenai, and to this day, it is where I practice most of my law.  Living in the area, it is my goal to provide legal services and advice in person on a continuing and involved basis to the residents of Kenai that simply cannot be provided from Anchorage.  I specialize in providing legal services at an affordable price. I primarily practice divorce, child custody, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, evictions, probate, wills, tax preparation, and domestic violence protective order (restraining order) defense and prosecution.  I would, nevertheless, be more than happy to discuss with you any legal issue that you may be facing.  If you live in or around Kenai and have a legal issue that you feel needs the attention of an attorney, do not hesitate to give me a call or text at (907)-690-4624. 

Areas of Practice
  • Custody
  • Wills
  • Kenai
  • Homer
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