Are you an heir to a loved one or friend who has recently passed away?  Naturally, the property that that person has left should be yours, but you must to go through the court to legally make yourself the owner.  This is called probate.  A probate can be a very lengthy and confusing process.  You do not want to go into this without an attorney.  I am experienced at practicing probates in Alaska and can get the property that is rightfully yours to you at minimal cost.  I specialize in affordability.  If there is property that once belonged to a deceased member of your family that is valuable or simply sentimental to you just sitting there, don’t wait any longer!  Give me a call to get that property in your possession.  Also, if someone is wrongfully claiming property of a deceased individual that should be going to you let me fight for you to make what is rightfully yours yours.  I practice probates in Kenai, Homer, Soldotna, and Seward.  The first meeting is always free.  Give me a call or text at (907)-690-4624.

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