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              Seward, being the only city on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula, has a branch courthouse that is located at 410 Adams Street and is affiliated with the flagship courthouse in Kenai.  The courthouse in Seward is where most legal issues are resolved for the residents of the town.  Although Seward is vitally important to this region and to the state as a whole, legal services in Seward can be limited.  That is why it is my goal to provide legal services to the residents of Seward.  I have been to Seward many times and have practiced law at the courthouse in Seward.  I am very fond of the beauty surrounding Seward and married my wife there.  Seward is a short 90 minute drive from where I live.  Do not feel that just because you have been unable to acquire legal services in Seward that you should try to get your legal issue resolved elsewhere.  My legal services are very affordable. I would love to drive to Seward to meet you in person and present your case before the court in your town. I primarily practice divorce, child custody, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, evictions, probate, wills, tax preparation, and restraining order defense and prosecution.  I would, nevertheless, be more than happy to discuss with you any legal issue that you may be facing.  If you live in or around Seward and have a legal issue that you feel needs the attention of an attorney, do not hesitate to give me a call at (907)-690-4624. 

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