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              While Kenai is seen as the main town on the Kenai Peninsula with the larger population and courthouse, Soldotna is seen as the medical center of the Kenai Peninsula.  Home to Central Peninsula Hospital, Soldotna has provided the epicenter to most of the medical services provided in this region of Alaska.  It is also the seat of the borough government.  Soldotna is personally important to me because it is where I actually live and have worked.  My wife also works in Soldotna at the Soldotna Animal Hospital as a veterinarian.  Although Soldotna is not on the coast and does not have the grand views of the mountains in the distance that other Alaskan towns have, I am quite fond of Soldotna’s quaint and cohesive small town-feel.  Spending time in Centennial Park, watching the Kenai River meander through town with the day-to-day lives of its citizens going about their business in the background is picturesque small town-America to me.  Living in Soldotna, I hope to provide my fellow residents affordable legal services on an in-person basis that simply cannot be provided from Anchorage.  I primarily practice divorce, child custody, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, evictions, probate, wills, tax preparation, and domestic violence protective order (restraining order) defense and prosecution.  I would, nevertheless, be more than happy to discuss with you any legal issue that you may be facing.  If you live in or around Soldotna and have a legal issue that you feel needs the attention of an attorney, do not hesitate to give me a call or text at (907)-690-4624. 

Areas of Practice
  • Custody
  • Wills
  • Soldotna
  • Homer
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