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Workers' Compensation

Don't let your employer get away without paying  it!!!

                  If you have been injured while working at your job on the Kenai Peninsula, you are entitled, from your employer, to have the medical bills from your injury and compensation from the time you have not been able to work paid to you.  The Kenai Peninsula is obviously a very outdoorsy place requiring many physical forms of employment in the area.  Whether you are a fishing guide working on the Kasilof River or a receptionist working in an office setting and you are injured while you are working, you are entitled to workers’ compensation from your employer.  If you have been injured and that injury has created medical bills, your employer must pay for these medical bills through workers’ compensation.  If you have missed work because of an injury you sustained at work your employer must pay you some money for the wages you have missed through workers’ compensation.  If you have been injured so seriously that you will not be able to perform your job as effectively as you once did, your employer owes you a settlement through workers’ compensation. You do not need to pay for medical bills for an injury sustained at work through your personal or employer provided medical insurance.  If you have requested workers’ compensation from your employer after an injury from work and they just thumbed their nose at you, do not let them get away with this.  Call me!  If you requested payment of your medical bills after an injury at work and your employer has threatened to fire you if you report the incident to workers’ compensation this is a very serious breach of employment law.  Do not let them get away with this.  You may have a serious law suit against them.  Call me!  You do not deserve to possibly be thrown into poverty just because you were injured while you were completing an honest days work. I am the only attorney in Soldotna or Kenai who practices workers’ compensation.  I will provide you with in person legal services.  There are no fees for my legal services involving workers’ compensation unless you win your case.  You have nothing including money to lose!  I have experience practicing workers’ compensation for those who are closest to me.  Whether you broke you pinky or broke your back, there is no case too big or too small.  To get the money owed to you for an injury inflicted at work call or text me at (907)-690-4624 today!

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